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Supply List




  1. Proper attire for the day’s weather

  2. Kids size backpack containing:

    1. Small water bottle

    2. Lunch

    3. Snack (Please pack in reusable containers)

  3. Nap Clothes (Please pack in a waterproof bag, so we can swap out for wet clothes as needed)

  4. Closed toe shoes or boots as appropriate

  5. Raincoat



During the fall and winter months, we ask that children arrive dressed in specific clothing to keep them warm and dry and ensure a positive experience in all weather conditions. Proper layering truly is the key to keeping kids happy and warm in winter weather!


Please make sure your child is not wearing cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and stops insulating, which will leave your child feeling cold.


1. Base layer: (Form fitting, next-to-skin. soft, breathable, moisture wicking)

- Wool shirt 

top and bottom


2. Mid layer, top and bottom x 2

Loose fitting, breathable

Wool or fleece work well.


3. Insulating layer, top

Thick fleece, down, or other insulated jacket


4. Outer layer

Polarn O. Pyret Rain Pants (any color) worn in combination with a raincoat that fits over all other layers.  

AFS families receive a 20% long term discount at Polarn O. Pyret. 


  1. Thin wool or synthetic socks

Avoid cotton.

One pair on feet, one pair with change of clothes


  1. Boots

Waterproof, insulated, loose fit to promote circulation

Neoprene works well.

Bogs Boots are some of our favorites. They cost a little more up front, but work well in cold, wet conditions, and last and last.


  1. Mittens

Long zipper, weather resistant

Ex: Gordini Easy On Mitts, TNF Toddler Mitts, OR Toddler Adrenaline Mitt


  1. Hat

Covers ears, 

Fleece or wool


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