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"The concept of a forest school was new to us and we sort of jumped in trusting it sounded like a good idea for our 4 year old. Stevie and the AFS team completely exceeded our expectations in how they communicated with us, in the enriching curriculum they provided, and in the attention to safety of the children. And every day our son came home from school excited about his day, sharing new things he learned from time outdoors, and always with positive comments about Miss Stevie and Miss Courtney. The connection and bond established with the teachers even outside of school days has been truly delightful! I would highly recommend AFS for anyone seeking an enriching preschool experience!"

"As a parent of a pre-schooler, we sought options that would prepare our son, not just for entering kindergarten, but for gaining more long-term life skills as well. The enrichment opportunities curated by a forest preschool environment cannot be replicated in any other setting. Learning resilience, teamwork, adaptability, openness to overcoming discomfort and fear at an early age is vital for being able to contribute positively to society as an adult. The forest school experience affords the opportunity to learn those skills."


"This summer my son had the privilege to be part of an amazing program, a chance at a life experience that is the best there is out there for a child in his age group.

When I first inquired, the class was full, but when a spot became available, both my son and I were very excited!! Not one day during the Little Explorers Club did I regret signing him up. My son has learned a lot, he’s even passed some of his knowledge on to me (leaf names, types of insects). He has always been into hiking and loves plants and protecting our planet. Joining forest school has been like a dream come true. He has had so much fun!"





"My daughter has gained so much confidence!"


"When I first heard about Appalachian Forest School, I got very excited. Outdoor education for children is one of the most powerful forms of education that a child can receive. The skills learned are life success skills. Children learn the following skills and many others: confidence, trust, resilience, communication, problem solving, relationship building and knowledge of nature.  I firmly believe that the greatest classroom is outdoors. I have seen outdoor education transform lives. What a wonderful gift we can give the newest generation by providing the opportunity to participate in experiences like those
provided by Appalachian Forest School."

"My child grew tremendously in so many areas as a result of his experience at AFS. He gained confidence, courage and an increased sense of adventure, not only in the outdoors, but in all aspects of daily life. He developed valuable skills regarding social interaction and care for others, and he was able to see the value of physical activity and play integrated with learning, which is all too often not available in the traditional classroom setting."

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