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Clothing Requirements

Classes will be held rain or shine. We believe that children learn and develop best when all of their senses are engaged. As a result, children will be allowed to get muddy,

wet, and dirty. In the winter months,

an outdoor “uniform” is required.

In the warmer months, children may be dressed as parents see fit.

Please make sure that you and your child are aware that we will be outside all day.



Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, according to the lowest temperature of the day. Layers can be removed as the temperature rises. Proper layering truly is the key to keeping kids happy and warm in winter weather! Winter clothing should be loose fitting so that the body’s natural layer of insulating warm air can surround the skin. Please make sure your child is not wearing cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and stops insulating, which will leave your child feeling cold.


1. Base layer: regulates body temperature and wicks moisture


- Wool or silk fitted base layer long sleeve top and bottom set 

- Recommended brands: Nui, Ella's Wool, Terramar, Helly Hanson, L.L. Bean. No cotton. 


- Wool or silk socks. No cotton. 

- Pack extra socks with change of clothes


- Warm hat


2. Mid layer: traps heat, breathable


- Wool or fleece long sleeve shirt and pant set

- Recommended brands: Ella's Wool, Patagonia, The North Face


3. Outer layer: windproof, waterproof, breathable

- Thick down or synthetic insulated hooded jacket (no lightweight insulated jackets)

- Recommended brands: Patagonia, REI, The North Face, Columbia, or L.L. Bean


- Polarn O. Pyret Rain Pants (any color)

- AFS families receive a 20% long term discount at Polarn O. Pyret. 


- Raincoat (fits over all other layers) 

- Required brands: REI, Columbia, L.L. Bean, Oakiwear, Patagonia, The North Face, or CeLaVi 


- Waterproof Insulated Boots 

- Loose fit to promote circulation

- Must be the neoprene/rubber combination style of boot

- Bogs Boots are some of our favorites. They cost a little more up front, but work well in cold, wet conditions, and last and last. Another recommendation is Oakiwear. 


- Mittens

- Long zipper, weather resistant. No gloves. 

- Ex: Gordini Easy On Mitts, TNF Toddler Mitts, OR Toddler Adrenaline Mitt

- Other recommended brands: The North Face, Gordini, Obermeyer, Burton, Dakine


We know children grow fast and quality clothing can be expensive. Our hope is that you are able to bargain hunt, find these items second hand, or consider purchasing new and passing on to others when your child grows. The only specific item that is required is the Polarn O. Pyret Waterproof Suspender Rain Pant (any color). If you have any questions about clothing options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.